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Michael Grandinetti

Michael Grandinetti

Act: Illusionist, Magician

If you are looking for an outstanding show with unique and entertaining illusions, have Michael Grandinetti be part of your next event.

Michael Grandinetti has performed at THE WHITE HOUSE

He's levitated 10ft into the air over the pitcher's mound of CITIZENS BANK PARK STADIUM.

He's read the minds of 45,000 PEOPLE at the same time!

He's appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Fox & Friends, and The Bold and the Beautiful

Now - he can add MAGIC to your next event!

Michael's presentations specialize in combining state-of-the-art illusions, stage effects, and close-up magic with your products to create a custom branded presentation that not only entertains but also conveys your company's message to all of the attendees.

Among our many new illusions including "Walking Through A Wall" and "The Living Video", we can make your CEO magically appear center-stage, cause your product instantly teleport from one side of the stage to the other, and empower your executives with the ability to read the audience's mind.

Michael Grandinetti will bring and inspiring show with an impressive display of magic to your next event.


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