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Acrobatic & Comedy Show

Liang, acrobatic and comedy performance Liang, hula with 25 hoops - blindfolded Liang, hoops Liang, juggling plates while performing acrobatics Liang, defying gravity with a yo yo

Act: Acrobatic comedy show

Liang, one of China's greatest acrobatic talents will dazzle your audience with her amazing acrobatic skills. Among these are:

  • Spinning 8 plates while simultaneously performing acrobatics
  • Balancing glasses of water on her head while juggling knives
  • Hula 25 hoops at one time....Blindfolded!
  • Skillful yo yo skills will have your audience believing that she is defying gravity
  • Demonstration of grace and elegance as she performs Chinese dance numbers in original oriental costumes.

Liang began studying dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics at the age of 4 with the world renown "Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe". Liang traveled the world with this group to venues in France, Germany Switzerland, Israel, Indonesia, South Korea, and Malaysia. She was awarded 2 gold medals for excellence in international acrobatic competition in Paris and her native China.

After arriving in the USA, she was immediately cast in a Justin Timberlake "N'SYNC" video. That video was shown on HBO as part of "N'SYNC'S live concert from New York's Madison Square Garden. Liang has also headlined at the "House of Blues", appeared on MTV, ABC, NBC, FOX-TV and performed at many NBA games. She has also appeared on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon,The Daily Buzz, & Sabado Gigante on Univision spanish TV. Most recently Liang has starred on NBC's #1 hit show "America's Got Talent" & appeared on "The Today Show".


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