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Latin Jamba

Latin Jamba



Music: Salsa, Merengue & Cumbia

Latin Jamba is a twelve-member Salsa, Merengue & Cumbia band consisting of 3 singers, 4 Brass (2-trumpets, alto/tenor/ sax, trombone), 3 percussion (congas, timbales, tambora/bongo), Piano and Bass.  This Orchestra represents music and style with lead singer Tony Borras' unique way of melody and rhythm.

This orchestra was founded in April 2002 by Tony Borras who has sang with top talented singers like Pete el Conde Rodriguez, Adalberto Santiago, Lalo Rodriguez, Tito Allen, and recorded with bands like Shati from San Antonio.

The band has played with great success at some of the top clubs like El Tren Latino, El Paraiso, Gloria's (Addison) & (Dallas), Safari Club, Ole Spanish Grill, Rio Mambo, Stratus, & Dallas City Hall.