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John Di Domenico
Celebrity Impressionist

John Di Domenico - Celebrity Impressionist

Act: Celebrity Impressionist

John Di Domenico works in a variety of situations from concept to performance, providing creative solutions in collaboration with production companies and their clients. John's strengths are his flexibility and skill at interacting directly with the client, uncovering key information then developing and writing creative material within the parameters of the specific production.

Sensitivity to the culture of a company and what plays well is evident in all of Di Domenico's performances and written material. That is why production companies have put him on their highest profile projects.

Trade Shows & Conventions

From hosting a satirical game show for Sharp at the world's largest trade show (Comdex, Las Vegas) to a sketch comedy show including celebrity characters Lt. Columbo, Captain Kirk and Austin Powers for Digital Equipment, to performing for the last five years as the spokesperson for Clairol at all of the International Beauty Shows, John offers versatility and ability. He is a professional who brings experience to every production. John has a likeable energetic personality and a sense of humor that draws an audience in and keeps them there for the duration of the show and beyond.

Corporate Roasts

When a meeting or event needs comedy for a corporate setting Lt. Columbo or Austin Powers start their investigation. These characters have roasted honored guest, sales departments and entire companies based on original information supplied by the client. Lt. Columbo has stumbled his way in and Austin Powers has danced his way through meetings for major corporations. Custom written character roasts are one of Di Domenico's specialties and have been a huge success all over the country


Video Sample







Donald Trump
Austin Powers
Dr. Evil
James Lipton
Lt. Columbo
Crocodile Hunter
Larry King
Emeril Lagasse
Dr. Phil
Wayne's World
Ozzy Osbourne
Captain Kirk
Inspector Clouseau
Groucho Marx

Ed Sullivan
Regis Philbin
Father Sarducci
Samuel Johnson Founder of Johnson Wax
Charlie Chaplin
Uncle Sam
Game Show Host
Lounge Lizard: Sammy Vee
Mobster: Johnny "Two T's" Soprano
Director: Beanie Fellinni
Comedy Elf
Napoleon Bonaparte
Nerd: Melvin Wimpy
Old Guy: Mort Feldman