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Hoop Girl

Christabel Zamor, professional hula hooper Christabel Zamor, professional hula hooper

Act: Hula Hoop

Dazzle your audience with a exciting dance performance by Hoop Girl!

Christabel's sizzling performances include improvisational and choreographed dance with prismatic, blacklight glowing, led-blinking hula hoops. Fusing African, Belly, Indian Temple, Hip Hop andgritty urban dance with hula hooping, Christabel hoops all over her legs, arms and torso and catapults hoops around her body in elaborate flips, tosses and body rolls.

HoopGirl goes from camp to vamp and back, faster than you can say "Hoop-la-la!". Upscale corporate events bring her back again and again to dazzle their executives with her elegant acrobactics.

She has fabulous costumes available from: Geisha to Barbarella, IcePriestess to PirateQueen and many more. HoopGirl plays with the crowd and undulates to the music while the hoop magically orbits every part of her body. Defying gravity, at times it seems to float around her and other times, it beats ecstatically with the drums. Conversations cease, jaws drop, and time seems to stop until the room explodes in applause.


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