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G Force

G Force Power Skips G Force Stunt Acrobatics

Act: Stunt Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Power Stilts, Break Dancing, martial arts, trampoline and more

G-Force is an acrobatic production company specializing in high energy, high impact stunt performances and show design for television, stage and video. Whether your need is for a corporate meeting, television spot, or theatrical show, they can custom design for any event or venue.

G-Force power skips: G-Force's use of power stilts gives the members of the company the ability to project themselves high into the air with the acrobats heights reaching up to 10 feet off the ground. G-Force's acrobatic talents puts a whole new dimension to power stilting as they do complex acrobatic routines along with mind boggling somersaults.

G-Force Stunt Acro: Stunt acrobatics is the combination of a variety of fields including gymnastics, martial arts, breaking and experimental movement into one high energy mixture. G-Force performances include acrobatic moves such as the HUMAN JUMP ROPE, THE HUMAN HELICOPTER, THE 4 MAN WILDSTYLE, and many more along with split timing acro and choreograpy. G-Force also can combine both Stunt Acro along with G-Force power skips to bring together a totally new dynnamic to the high energy show which is sure to leave the crowds breathless.


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