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Four Day Weekend

Four Day Weekend, improvisational comedy


Act: Improvisational comedy

This improvisational ensemble of five comedians is almost more like a magic act than stand-up comedy. Seeing them take disparate concepts and weave them all into the same skit is a bit like seeing a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat. In both cases, the entertainment value is based on what they did and the wonderment of how in the world they did it.

Four Day's show is built on slyly controlled chaos. The players often use the answers to questions posed to audience members to construct a runway for some inspired flights of fancy. They take the most mundane information (name, job, hometown), drop it into an absurd context and then, somehow, find a way to make it funny, often by incorporating the data into a rhyming song.

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Clients: Office Depot, Verizon, Nokia, EDS, Frito Lay, Pier 1 Imports, Pfizer, Fuji Film, Microsoft, Home Depot, State Farm, American Express, Alcatel, Lockheed Martin, Compaq, Sprint & Ford.