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Euforia Live

Euphoria, performance arts Euphoria, performance arts

Act: Performance Arts

Euforia Live, a show where music meets art, is an entertaining, intriguing and unique theatrical experience. Witness a world of color coming to life. Let the flames of passion stir within, as sounds and brush strokes take you to a dreamlike world of romance. The marriage of the two art forms is compelling, even hypnotic.

Euforia Live is a unique live theater performance of two art forms coming together – music and art. While pianist Seth Simmons performs his original music compositions, fine artist Rolando Diaz creates original works of art with oil on canvas.

Throughout the one hour and fifteen minute Euforia Live performance, the audience experiences Simmons’ captivating music compositions while witnessing Diaz’ creation of an original oil painting, from blank canvas to completion.

Let your imagination cross over into a surreal space of creation as the two art forms collide in Euforia Live.


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Euphoria, performance arts