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Dean McCurry

Dean McCurry, benefit auctioneer Dean McCurry, benefit auctioneer

Act: Charity Auctioneer

While the goal of the Auctioneer is to maximize the bids on a specific group of items, the Charity Auctioneer faces a tougher task as he or she is responsible for converting the enthusiasm, support and commitment of a select group of individuals into donations for the cause or organization.

Dean McCurry's success can be attributed to the following:

  • Dean participates in all phases of the event making suggestions and recommendations to insure the success of current and future auctions.
  • Dean makes it a point to become knowledgeable about the goals and objectives of the organization as well as the nature and level of commitment of the particular audience.
  • While focused and aware of the significance that a successful benefit auction can have on the financial viability of an organization, Dean never loses sight of the fact that a successful benefit auction is about the attendees. The atmosphere of the event must be about encouraging participation, showing appreciation, affirming commitment to the organization, and enjoying an evening of entertainment and celebration.

Dean's ability to understand and relate to his audience enables him to create the type of exciting and entertaining atmosphere that is critical the success of any fund-raising benefit auction. His professionalism, poise, energy and wit are contributing factors to the record setting donations experienced by the organizations he has been involved with, and are the reasons that many of these organizations consider Dean's participation a key element in the success of their future fund-raising benefit events.


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