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David Garibaldi
Rhythm and Hue

David Garibaldi, Rhythm and Hue


Act: Performance Art that Rocks

Rhythm and Hue is a performance art show by David Garibaldi, a world renowned artist.  This talented artist creates six foot portraits of pop icons, CEOs, rock stars, sports figures and more.  Each painting is created in a few minutes to music.

Although Garibaldi paints to music, his show is much more than that.  "As soon as I step on the stage, I'm all over the place.  I'm throwing paint, entertaining the audience and making sure the portraits still look good." said David about his unique show.

During a 45-60 minute show, Garibaldi can create up to 5, 6 foot paintings all while incorporated an inspirational message and showman moves.  The show can be tailored to your target audience.

This is a unique and entertaining show that your audience will never forget!