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Dania Kaseeva - worlds's greatest hula hoop act

Dania Kaseeva - worlds's greatest hula hoop act

Act: Hula hoop act

Dania Kaseeva, former performer in Moscow Circus, will entertain your audience with her world's greatest hula-hoop act. Displaying a world class background in ballet, gymnastics and dance, Dania performs her solo hula-hoop act simultaneously spinning myriad hula hoops around her waist, neck, and limbs.

Born in Russia, Dania Kaseeva is the daughter of a Russian circus legend. Her finely polished technique, coupled with dynamic choreography and a magnetic stage personality, soon earned her an international reputation as the world's greatest hula-hoop act. A headliner of the Moscow Circus from 1981-1990, she has performed extensively in Europe, South America, Asia and North America. She now lives in the United States.


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