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Curtis Eugene Lovell II
Magician, Escape Artist

Curtis Eugene Lovell II - Magician, Escape Artist

Act: Magician and Escape Artist

Curtis Eugene Lovell II has been entertaining audiences with his escape skills since 1998 when he appeared on a local television broadcast and escaped from four master locks, a neck brace and wrist shackles in ten seconds flat. Curtis has also cheated death at least 80 times with the water torture cell that lead to the great Houdini's death in 1926. Major corporation and events has contract Curtis to perform these daring stunts all around the world, (Singapore, China, Philippines) to attract attention and visitors to their venues.

Although Curtis can accomplish many breath-taking stunts, he is also awesome for smaller, intimate gatherings with a stand-up style performance, or roaming around the room performing close up, where the magic happens right in his audience's hands.

His acts include:

Hot Spots: Need some magic for a few minutes? Curtis has designed four breath taking hot spots that vary from three to five minutes in length and that can be customized to fit your events needs.

  • Levitation with two dancers or host
  • Sword through a spectator
  • The Great Escape
  • The Cube of death

Strolling Magic: Curtis will perform magic in front of various groups of guests throughout the evening. Your guests will witness magic right in front of their eyes and in their own hands. This is always a crowd pleaser.

Stage Show: This is a collection of the best routines, comedy bits, audience participation and magic feats that Curtis has been developing since a child. This is great for smaller crowds to large crowds and can be can tailored in length and content for your event needs.

Death Defying Stunts: Want to add some thrills to your event? Great for private and public events.

Chain Curtis up by his wrist, feet and neck with 6 master locks and lower him into a body of water and wait patiently as he tempers with fate.

No water? Lock Curtis into a steel box with three buzz saws going if he fails to escape in time he can be sliced to death or chained into a clear box of water in which it is sealed and he attempts his escape. These stunts and methods can be customized to fit many situations.

Illusion programs: If it should be sawing a spectator in half to floating right in front of your eyes, you will witness the impossible as well as a breath-taking brush of death Curtis encounters during the program. Comedy, audience participation and magic at its best!


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