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Act: Improvisational comedy

ComedySportz is competitive, improvisational comedy, pitting two teams of athletes vying for laughs and points by playing a vast array of improvisational games. One team will win and one team will come in second. This is all mediated by a referee, who has the option to call any of several fouls aimed at keeping the show fast-paced and clean. Our show can be enjoyed with your kids, your parents, or even your grand parents, and you'll never be embarrassed or offended. If you think clean is boring, you haven't seen one of our shows! Clean can be fun!

ComedySportz has entertained at an amazing array of companies, large and small. ComedySportz is completely flexible and scalable, from a 15 minute United Way kickoff to a fully produced World Tour; in spaces from living rooms to outdoor festivals, and everything in between.

Our show always tailors itself to your group, and it's always positive, hilarious and clean.