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Chris Morrison

Chris Morrison

Act: Comedy Hypnotist

The "Chris Morrison Comedy Hypnosis Show" show is crafted with corporate and mixed audiences in mind. You need not worry about who volunteers for the show. The volunteers are never embarrassed or humiliated. Your guests and volunteers will be comfortable with the process of hypnosis. They will have fun and enjoy the hypnotic experience. Many times, guests in the audience tell him, "It looked like so much fun, I wish I had volunteered!"

Chris is professionally trained and certified as a stage hypnotist and hypno-therapist. "The Chris Morrison Comedy Hypnosis Show" is entertaining, safe, and never vulgar. Chris' show is always suitable for mixed audiences.

You may rest assured that after the show is over and everyone has gone home, you will be the hero. You have orchestrated the perfect event and provided fun, safe and tasteful entertainment for your guests.


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