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Bungee Jumpers
Jump Rope Team

Bungee Jumpers jump rope team

Act: Performance based jump rope

The Bungee Jumpers are a performance based jump rope team that travels around the country to perform in front of crowds of all sizes. They specialize in school assemblies, basketball halftime shows, and large community events. The team is coached by Justin Pillmore and they have been in existence and performing since 2008.

The team started at Groveland Elementary School in Doylestown, PA while Pillmore was teaching there. The team performed under the Groveland name for 3 years until it opened up to allow other jumpers from around the community in 2011. A year later, in 2012, the Bungee Jumpers created two teams with 13 kids on each team. Both teams perform all over the area at various events and the team holds open tryouts in July every year and welcomes new jumpers to tryout.

Location: Pennsylvania


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