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Chunk the Tail
Cow Chip Shuffleboard
Lawn Washers
Texas Horseshoes
Texas Snuffleboard - Bubba Olympics
Texas Twister


Act: Texas-style Olympics

“Bubba Olympics? What in the heck is that?” you ask.  Well, Bubba Olympics™ is a group of games with a unique twist.  Do you think these games are played at High Tea?  Not a chance. These games are ridiculous! Bubba Olympics is specifically designed for people that want to laugh and have photo opportunities galore.

Barn Raisin’ – In Texas, the neighborly thing to do is help Bubba build his barn.  Contestants form a team and build table-top barns that prove to be a real puzzle to Yankees.  These identical barns are begun simultaneously.  The first one completed gets to start the dance.

Chunk the Tail on the Donkey – Bubba’s momma didn’t like him playing with sharp objects, so they magnetized the donkey’s tail.  We chunk the tail on the donkey so Bubba won’t put his eye out.

Cow Chip Shuffleboard – A Texas adaptation of the playground favorite.  Players use push brooms to propel ornamental cow chips to a target.  This wild activity really makes “scents.”

East Texas Lawn Washers – "The Lowest Impact Sport in the World."  East Texans, too poor to afford horseshoes, developed this game using washers and tin cans.  This adaptation is fast moving, easy to learn and guaranteed fun.

Flapjack Fling – Your guests will flip out when they test their “skillet” this.  A heavy iron skillet is used to toss faux flapjacks onto a table set for four hungry cowpokes. 

Jail Break – How many grade B westerns have you seen in which the prisoner breaks out of jail by stealing the sleeping Sheriff’s keys and dragging them to his cell? Well, this game tests those skills.  Players are put in “jail” and timed to see how long it takes to capture the keys with a grappling hook.

Justin Time Putting – Cheating golfers will excel in this challenge.  As opposed to a normal putter, a boot is substituted for the club head for a real Texas twist.  Players putt real golf balls on a portable green.  Guests always get a kick out of this.

Meadow Muffin Frisbee – A game that uses a frisbee that resembles the meadow after the cows go home.  These “meadow muffins” are tossed into a specialized basket used in Disc Golf.  The largest number of “putts” made in succession is tallied.  May the best muffin tosser win!

Rattlesnake Round-Up – Bubba ain’t skeered!  He’s been tossing snakes in a tub since he was three.  Snake sticks, rattlers and a tub – any questions?  Players get bit by this game.

Redneck Horseshoes – How does a redneck play horseshoes in Texas?  Well, with open-front, horseshoe shaped toilet seats, of course.  This silly game is played by chunkin’ the “shoes” over posts made of – what else? – plungers.  A photo of the CEO tossing a toilet lid – priceless!

Ropin’ Ring Toss – Not everybody was born to be a roper, but even Yankees can toss a ring – made out of Bubba’s old calf ropes.  Players build points by tossing rope rings over various objects.  Targets include an 8’ tall cactus and a coyote. (Road Runner optional)

Shoot the Can – Find the “Annie Oakley’s” in your crowd when the girls outshoot the boys.  Contestants vie to see who the best shot is with a cork gun by competing to hit moving targets and tin cans.

Snuffleboard – There’s no spitting in this match as players slide snuff cans at their targets for points. Combining the Bubba economy of using snuff cans as pucks with the classic barroom game of Shuffleboard turns this game into a real Texas hit.

Test of Nerves – Long before the game "Operation,” Bubba invented this game to test the steady hand.  Nerves of steel are required to navigate an iron ring over Texas icons (horses, armadillos, etc.)  A false move will result in a loud buzz; a perfect score will result in peaceful silence. 

Texas Twister – Bubba says, “Tornados and RV’s go together ‘bout as good as flip-flops and stingin’scorpions.”  Colorful swirling “funnels” suspended from a tent are this game’s target.  Find out if Bubba is right by tossing RV’s into the swirling dervishes.

What the Hay – It’s not all play in Texas, sometimes you have to do a little work.  In the winter, cows can’t feed themselves, so the feed troughs need to be filled. Using a pitchfork to toss hay bales into the feed bins, accurate hay pitchers finish early and win the right to go play some more. 

World Tour of Texas – Have you ever been to Paris, Athens or Palestine?  Bubba can visit all three in a single beer run.  Contestants drive remote controlled pickups across dozens of international locations in Texas, while hitting targets in a World Tour.  Fastest tourist wins.