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Best Time of The Year

Best Time of The Year Best Time of The Year Best Time of The Year Best Time of The Year Best Time of The Year


Act: Holiday Shows

Fantasy becomes reality in this spectacular holiday production that celebrates all of the cozy sights and sounds of holiday wishes and memories. Watch as Frosty the Snowman comes to life; drop in on Santa's workshop as the elves prepare some larger-than-life Christmas toys,  A very special vocal tribute to the memories of home, family an every youngsters wish for a white Christmas that will surely touch young and old alike.  And finally, the reason for the season in a very special wish for peace on earth and why this is the Best Time of the Year.


  • Winter Wonderland: In the tradion of an upbeat and un-traditional way
  • Shopping: Children tell it like it is in this hilarious take on Christmas shopping
  • Home for Christmas: Heart warming melodies make you long for the comforts of home
  • The North Pole Toyland: Anyone can still feel the magic of the Season...if they believe.
  • Nativity: Powerful, moving ballads speak to the true meaning of Christmas
  • Featured solo artist performance: A beautiful performance by a very special talent.
  • The Magic of Christmas: Grand illusion spectacular with interactive audience participation.