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Acrobazia Acrobazia Acrobazia

Act: Balancing act

The balancing act Acrobazia, comprised of Christian Paquet and Jean-Francois Martel, was created in 1991. Since then, this duo has been travelling worldwide amazing audiences everywhere.

Statue: “A three dimensional representation of a mythical being.”

Acrobazia’s “statue” act is a unique eight-minute display of numerous hand-balancing moves that defy strength and gravity. Choreographed to an original musical score, their graceful movements and astonishing dexterity blend together to create seemingly impossible poses.

Recognized as the most famous strong man act in the world, these former “Cirque du Soleil” stars can add strength and artistry to any event. Whether it’s a corporate or private function, special event, fundraiser, sporting event, festival, casino, or trade show, the effect remains the same; Acrobazia leaves the crowds gasping for more!

Acrobazia has been seen performing at many diverse public functions such as Cirque du Soleil 96-97, XXXIV Super Bowl, the India Film Fare Awards, numerous recording artist record launches, and the NBA/WNBA halftime circuits…and these are just to name a few.

Their act is not just any circus show. It is an opportunity to enlighten your audience into believing that with focus, perseverance, endurance and trust, they too can achieve success.


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