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Jumping Stilts Acts

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Act: Jumping Stilts Acts

Bouncing Bartenders:

Perfect for atmospheric entertainment at any party or event with a bar (Bar Mitvahs, Galas, Partys...) Instead of the bartenders shaking the mixer, these Bouncing Bartenders can dance, jump, and even flip with the mixers to make the perfect cocktail (we have working with specialty "Flare" Bartenders as well to incorporate a full show in front and behind the bar.)

The Bouncers:

This all star acrobatic team performs a 3-5 minute choreographed jumping stilts routine which is unparalleled. Able to dance, jump and Flip in synchronized motion, this could be the most dynamic act around. (Styling can range from athletic to punk, to characters....and the music can change to support the styling)


This is a high energy routine which incoporates Break Dancers and Jumping
Stilt performers for a fusion of ultimate acrobatics and dance.


The Jumping Stilt performance is choreographed with pyro-technics attached to the performers bodies. They become human fireworks displays, as they jump and flip while sparks fly.