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T8 Robotic Show

T8 robot show

Act: Robot show

T8 Robot is the latest and most unique entertainment concept that has taken the Globe by storm. T8 is equally at home in almost any arena and can switch from Nightclubs & Music Festivals to corporate hospitality & exhibitions with ease.

This, ‘Robotic Show’ Is something no one will ever forget!

T8 was originally the 8th in the ‘Terminator’ series, this ‘T8' Cyber Robot has been De-commissioned and is now safe for any venue/event.
(Well it’s a 99% guarantee!)

‘T8’ Is a Cyber unit and has a unique character and you never know what is going to happen!.

‘T8’ Can be programmed in safe mode (Good for all age groups) Or  ‘Adult’ Mode, (Could be scary!!) Prepare yourself for an ‘Edge of your seats’ Show! This is NOT for the faint of heart!

6 Feet of Chromed Steel, Pulsing LED’s & Burning Nuclear Blue Vision staring at YOU! ……….And then comes the ‘UNIQUE’ amazing, ‘DUAL LASERS!!!!’

‘T8’ Can, Walk, Spin, Twist, even Moonwalk!! And….? Well wait and see for yourself!

Covent Garden, in the centre of London, was brought to a standstill by ‘T8’. And this is what happens every time he appears. Your guests will be amazed, entertained and scared - all at the same time! 

‘T8’ can be as passive as a statue to promote your function/event, he can be helpful, charming and cheeky or he can rampage around scaring the living daylights out of everyone.  It’s up to you to decide?

‘T8’ is fully autonomous and reacts there and then to what is going on around it, usually with hilarious results! ‘T8’ Can scare you in any language, however his normal language is English.  You will witness something that will be a talking point for years to come!  ‘T8’ Even has its own sound system for daytime events/walkabouts.

The international design team are,
Graham Charles, Bruce Hansing, Bob Saunders & Adrian Bankart.
Bruce Hansing has been the creative artist for Robocop, Iron man, Batman, 5th Element and many other Hollywood Blockbusters!
Bob & Adrian at 'Applied Arts' are the technical specialists behind many of Film & TV & Cirque De Soleil's very successful world famous shows.
Graham Charles is a performance artist, designer & also loves to DJ!
Mike from Technical Concepts is the genius behind the Laser show.


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T8 Robotic Show T8 Robot